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Training Classes & Workshops

The following is a list of training classes and workshops I have attended:

Attitude, Becoming a Childcare Professional
Communication Skills
Contracts & Policies Manual
Recognizing and Dealing with Drugs with Infants
Life Time Effects on Growth and Development
Effects of Alcohol and Drugs on Infants
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Early Childhood Brain Development
Health and Safety
Menu Planning
New Minimum Standards & Your Contract
Infants and Toddlers Top to Bottom - Our Littlest Friends Planning, Understanding, and Enjoying
Child Abuse and Neglect, Prevention, Recognition, and Reporting
Being the Best Childcare Professional You can be
100% Certificate Achievement
Children in Crisis
Discipline and Classroom Control Seminar
Parent Communication - Positive Guidance
Early Childhood Diseases
Recognizing Sexual, Emotional, and Physical Abuse
Flexible, Fearful, or Feisty - Understanding Temperament
Early Childhood Intervention
In to Development Levels of Toddlers
Listen to What Your Children are Saying
Treating ADD without Chemicals
Proper Handling of Sick Children
Children do not come with Instruction Books
Vision Through Your Child's Eyes
Story Telling
Fighting, Biting, and Lying
TV Violence Effects on Children
Strong-willed Child
Help Dealing with Frustration
Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child
Communicating in a Positive Manner and Reading Body Language

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